About Us

TRADUCCIONES BUENOS AIRES® Translators Office was created by its principal, certified translator Ms. Silvia Susana Real, in the year 1981.

We started working mostly for law offices and shipping companies, besides middlemen and individual clients.

In 1984 we bought our own premises, thus keeping-up our domicile with no changes so far.

Gradually we began working for the power sector, e.g. oil and gas, wind, and hydroelectric companies, apart from the mining segment.

Graduates from related careers, i.e. designers and proof-readers, have joined our staff. We also count on advice from engineers, lawyers, economists, chemists, etc.

We've extended to offer translations from and into other languages besides English, such as Italian, French, German, Portuguese, and Dutch.

We registered our own logo and name as intellectual property and trademark in 1994 with the Argentine Patents and Trademark Office, and renewed their registration therewith in 2004.